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MCT Data; Within the scope of system integration, it provides end-to-end services to its customers with network & infrastructure, system solutions, weak current & energy automation systems and cyber security services.

While digital transformation takes place rapidly with Industry 4.0, it provides object tracking IoT devices, RFID technology solutions (inventory management, personnel tracking, etc.), energy monitoring and management system services to institutions in line with the needs of the sectors.

With its Outsourcing service, it performs human resources management for permanent or temporary positions that require expertise and experience in the field of informatics.


MCT Data; With consultancy services, it is aimed to contribute to the maintenance of technological transformation in your company, to the analysis and optimization of your systems. Along with information technology consultancy and technological training, consultancy services are also offered in the fields of marketing communication, social media management and digital marketing for brand positioning in the era of digital transformation.

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About Us

MCT Data; Since its establishment in 2014, it is an IT company that provides products, solutions and consultancy services in the field of information technologies.

It carries out turnkey projects for more efficient use of the services that make up the information technology infrastructure in the digital transformation journeys of institutions. With system improvements, it contributes to public and corporate customers in business process continuity.

Developing strategic partnerships with technology manufacturers within the scope of business partnerships, MCT Data; By matching the needs of institutions with the right solutions, it provides it with a sectoral perspective and market-oriented innovation power.